React To Red

Pressure ulcer prevention for care homes and other healthcare providers

React To Red


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React To Red was written, funded and produced by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Bassettlaw CCG and Crocodile House Ltd respectively. Originally, React To Red was provided as a pack with accompanying DVD which is now being made more accessible though this website. As such there may be reference to this and other issues that relate to its original launch in the Bassettlaw region. This training resource consists of six parts with accompanying documents to view or download.

If you receive a ‘page not found’ notice when trying to view videos please check with your IT department that you have access to do so.

Part 1: Understanding pressure ulcers

The importance of pressure ulcer prevention and management, how pressure ulcers develop and what risk factors you should look for.

Part 2: Surface

Making sure your residents have the right support.

Part 3: Skin Inspection

Early inspection means early detection.

Part 4: Keep Moving

Keeping your residents moving.

Part 5: Incontinence & Moisture

Keeping your residents clean and dry.

Part 6: Nutrition & Hydration

Help residents have the right diet and plenty of fluids.